Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Even though I'm sure no one reads this I'll go ahead and do my virgin post. I'm Chioma..22, i live in Atlanta, single, working, breathing, eating all that good exciting stuff :)
I do have my own personal blog but i wanted to do something fun with Z cuz we are so far apart plus i think this is a great way for us to catch up with each other's lives.
Eitherways I'll be thrilling you guys with exciting tales from single woman land and beyond..I might occasionally do a video blog because i know people get tired of reading stuff all the time..i know i do. I just got off the phone with Z and she's all sad because her hubby left..its so cute, homegirl is whipped from head to toe...:)

Okay i have to go to bed now, but i'll be back ..

Bisou xx

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  1. who said no one reads this yet? looking forward to more posts